MattockCo is the collective group of companies – Flow Motion, Comm Logic, Infopact Analytics.

 Each company was created to address a targeted group of needs while working together to provide a holistic solution.

We don’t see problems, only opportunities to strengthen profit margins and overall efficiency throughout your organization.

Data and logic are in our blood. Creating greater results is our mission.

Our Founder’s Story

Producing Hits

Before my current businesses, FlowMotion, Communication Logic, and Infopact Analytics, three companies that work together on our client’s behalf, one unusual personal endeavor led to them all and shaped my core…

At 20, while still in college, I had a hit song on the radio—#4 in the U.K. Heavy rotation on MTV.

Electronic dance music was my life in my teens, first as a DJ and then as a producer. I was a hardworking kid from Leominster, Massachusetts, driven by a combination of necessity and passion.


By hardworking, I mean that by ten years old, I had three paper routes that took two and a half hours to do on my bike. My parents didn’t have a lot of money, so I decided to take my financial destiny into my own hands from a very early age. I did it out of necessity.

By my teens, I was a working professional DJ, spinning records in 21+ clubs three and four nights a week, always making enough money to support my passion for music. I’d get myself the paying gigs by persistently asking the owners to give me a shot. Then I’d take cabs to the clubs because I was too young to drive.

I also got into producing electronic music. The process of making high-quality commercial tracks became an obsession and had, at its core, my lifelong passion for creating quality products for myself or my clients. I viewed music as constructing a complex dance between many instruments and varying frequencies.

The same persistence and passion that I used to be a full-time DJ, I applied to obsessively produce track after track whenever I wasn’t spinning records.

My senior year, I lived on my own, paid all my living expenses, and dedicated myself to producing and selling my music to labels in New York, Chicago, and Boston.

I’d produce the music. Then I’d do the necessary marketing elements, take the photos, write the copy, do whatever needed to create a strong package to send to the labels.

This was my entry into marketing and the art of business.

I sold a good number of tracks, eventually 25 or so.

I’d hear my music on the radio and hear my friends drop my record at clubs – not bad for a 17-year-old who was making it all up from scratch.

Then, when I was 20, I got a deal with a label over in Italy. My song hit #4 on the charts and played in heavy rotation on MTV UK.

And one thing leads to another…

A friend from a network marketing/direct sales company asked me to produce a personal development program. I said yes, and approached it as I would a record, sequencing words and sentences just like they were instruments in a song.

When the program was complete, they asked where they could duplicate it. (It was cassettes back then. Remember those?) I saw an opportunity to start a production, duplication, and printing business.

The company, FlowMotion, was born, which soon also became a marketing company.

FlowMotion led to the creation of Infopact Analytics, a data company I created to serve our client’s advertising needs better.

After a while, Infopact Analytics led to the need to help our clients with their customer support and sales. So I created Communication Logic, a call center business.

Today, all three companies operate independently but make up a full suite of services for our clients. They all have their roots in my teenage obsession with creating music. What carried forward into my businesses is my passion for producing the necessary pieces that need to be in place for my clients to have success.

I’m the same guy that loves to obsess on the details that produce a hit, but today, I produce hits for my clients in business.

Want to work together to produce your next business hit?

Core Values


People are at the heart of everything we do. Connection enriches our experience personally and professionally. That’s why we strive to create stronger relationships with and for our partners and clients.


What you see is what you get. We are 100% transparent in everything we do. Transparency is the foundation for trust. Trust is essential to the work we do with our partners and clients.


Optimization is in our blood. We’re constantly looking to see what improvements can be made to create more efficiency in your operations and ours. With us, there’s never a finish line.


We’re never content with “ok”. When we don’t like the options the status quo has to offer, we start creating our own – for ourselves, our partners, and our clients


Every business is unique. We’re allergic to one-size-fits-all approaches. Instead, we get to know you and your business to create a plan that creates the biggest wins for you.